Our goals and projects

As our non-profit charitable organisation Neue Räume für Menschheit  (New Spaces for Mankind) grows, we plan to solve the tasks mentioned below; and, should we have the opportunity, to support projects of interest to us in the spheres of science and human activity. We will start our work by dealing with simple issues and then gradually move to more complex science-based and capital-intensive projects.

Our goals and projects:

  1. Popularization of ideas of human expansion to new environments

          Within the framework of this program we will carry out the following projects:         

  1. Developing an electronic journal so that our members can publicise their ideas as well as any external ideas and projects that align with our organisation’s goals.
  2. Setting up a discussion club and a platform to promote interdisciplinary networking between scientists and thinkers, all-round support of scientific research, and ideas for inventions and innovations.


  1. Development and creation of marine settlements on artificial islands, mostly floating islands.

          Within the framework of this program we will carry out the following projects:

  1. Developing and creating efficient pontoon structures, of different types, to facilitate the establishment of artificial floating islands.
  2. Developing and researching technologies for eco-friendly waste utilisation (processing and recycling) for use in enclosed settlements.
  3. Developing and researching technologies for supplying energy to enclosed settlements.
  4. Designing and developing technologies for food production using industrial methods of urban agriculture (e.g. by spatial intensification in restricted spaces, such as “vertical farming” technology).
  5. Developing methods and technologies for the optimisation of, and studying the issues surrounding, the psychological wellbeing, general health, and comfort of people living in compact settlements and enclosed spaces.
  6. Addressing the economic issues surrounding compact and enclosed settlements. Developing models and concepts for the economies of human settlements in new spaces and the further integration of such settlements into the global economy.


  1. Development of and research into technologies for completely independent settlements in new environments (underground cities, underwater settlements), as well as space stations and planetary bases.

  2. Development of and research into the use of transportation technologies, including air transport and facilities for long-duration stays above the Earth’s surface (e.g. airship yachts and space vehicles).


Our list of goals will grow as our society develops and is enriched by new members and ideas.

Summaries of our projects and information about their implementation will be put on our website for our readers and associates..

We are taking donations for the development and implementation of our projects, including for the improvement of our internet resources and the publication of new articles on the site. The donations will also be used for the development and popularisation of ideas about exploration of new spaces.


Neue Räume für Menschheit  (New Spaces for Mankind)

ZVR-Zahl (Zentrales Vereinsregister-Zahl, ’Central Register of Associations Number’): 992855985

Addresss: Koelblgasse 15/13, 1030 Vienna, Austria,  

e-mail: info@newspaces.org,  URL: www.newspaces.org