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A new life is beginning! 

Neue Räume für Menschheit  (New Spaces for Mankind)* is a non-profit charitable organisation. It was founded in Vienna by a dedicated group of people who wanted to popularise the idea of human expansion into new spaces and environments and to make this idea a reality!  

By working together, we want to develop methods to solve the most important problem of humankind, an existential question: “What must be done for humankind to keep on living, and living well?

Humankind is crammed within old boundaries; the planet is becoming increasingly overpopulated, while known resources decline. What can we do?

Modern civilisation offers people two ways of dealing with this problem: ripping off parts of itself, which means waging wars and remaining an ugly, divided society; or striving to become a fully fledged, vital organism, advancing into the future by exploring new spaces while tirelessly seeking to improve.

So where can these spaces be found? A glance at a map shows us that humankind resides on a flat surface, barely moving up or down, with many kilometres of land available right beneath our feet. Huge territories are taken up by deserts and glaciers, while two-thirds of the planet consists of practically unexplored bodies of water. The comfortably inhabitable layer of troposphere (the bottom layer of the atmosphere) reaches 4 kilometres above ground level. And the greatest opportunities of all are in the star-lit sky above us – in limitless space!

We want humankind to develop peacefully, using all the opportunities for exploration that scientific and technical progress provide us with.

We want to bring together like-minded people who love life and who want to create a stable, creative and free society for the future!

We want to coexist happily with all creatures on the planet!

The true happiness of any creature is life. Life is development, change, overcoming of own usual limits to learn new things (especially about oneself); life is curiosity, surprise, interest!

“A man is born for happiness as a bird is born for flying!!!”


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We are always happy to welcome new members into our organisation!


ZVR-Zahl (Zentrales Vereinsregister-Zahl, ’Central Register of Associations Number’): 992855985

Addresss: Koelblgasse 15/13, 1030 Vienna, Austria,  

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We are taking also donations for the development and implementation of our projects, including for the improvement of our internet resources and the publication of new articles on the site. The donations will also be used for the development and popularisation of ideas about exploration of new spaces.